Project management and
works supervision

Project Management and Works Supervision

Either as owner’s advisors or as Independent engineers, we are very experienced in the implementation of infrastructure works under the most frequent FIDIC Conditions of Contract, providing whole management and supervision services, covering all aspects and all phases during the construction of any kind of infrastructure, and achieving project completion on time, within budget, and with the desired quality.

Our work minimizes the risks associated with any infrastructure project and provides timely information on project deviations due to changes in specifications, allowing to achieve a cost optimization. This enables taking corrective measures in case of any deviations identified in the course of implementation, thus, saving on costs and adhering to timelines. As an independent third party, we provide an impartial analysis that facilitates the assessment of disputes and contractor claims.

Our Project Management and Works Supervision services cover all phases during a project implementation:

At a Pre-construction phase we perform a design review and provide procurement support when selecting the contractor.

At the Construction Phase we supervise and coordinate with all contractors in terms of time and budget management, ensuring that all activities conform to technical specifications and client requirements to achieve desired quality. In case of disputes, we support our clients by analyzing each case with diligence and professionalism, providing a strong and comprehensive rationale. At a Hand-over and Defect Notification Phase, we inspect the project and ensure that it complies with all the design requirements.

Site engineering

Technical consulting and Supervision of works in the fields of activity:

  • Domain 1. Consolidation and restoration of historical monuments – all categories of importance;

  • Domain 2. Civil, industrial and agricultural constructions – all categories of importance;

  • Domain 3. Roads, bridges, tunnels, aviation runways, cable transport – of national, county and local interest;

  • Domain 6. Public constructions and communal household;

  • Domain 8.1 Electrical installations;

  • Domain 8.2 Sanitary facilities, thermoventilations;

  • Domain 8.3 Natural gas installations;

  • Domain 9.1 Power grids;

  • Domain 9.2 Thermal and sanitary networks;

  • Domain 9.4 Natural gas networks;

  • Domain 9.5 Telecommunications networks;

Obtaining permits and documents
necessary to start your investitions

Obtaining permits and documents necessary to start your investments

Our team consists in collaborators specialized in obtaining the necessary permits for a construction, which will deal with the submission and monitoring of the process of obtaining permits and agreements required by the planning certificate, so that the building permit is obtained as soon as possible.

Therefore, our company offers complete consulting and representation services in order to obtain the necessary authorizations and approvals. Our team will also be able to advise you in order to comply with the legislation, by indicating the legal or regulatory obligations which must be respected.

Technical quality check of projects
by certified specialists


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